How to preview your Sketch files on Android

1.Install Sketch Preview

Download & install the latest Sketch Preview.plugin (or search in Sketch for your Sketch.

Download the Skala for Android and Skala for Mac OS X, both install.

2.Preview your Sketch files

Open Skala on both Android device and Mac. For the first time, the Skala Preview on your Mac will ask for connection, allow.

Open your Sketch file, select an Artboard, then press ⌘ P (or Menu > Plugins > Preview).

Press the “iMac icon” on the nav of Sketch in your Android device, choose your Mac’s name in the dialogue window, then you will see your design work on the Android device.

Notice, Sketch > Menubar > Plugins > Preview Setup > Scale to explicit size, you can choose the right size (0.5x/1x/2x/3x/4x) for your Android device’s display.

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